Rules to start your indoor jungle

Rules to start your indoor jungle

Want to start your plant collection but don't know which plant is your best choice? We are here to help! First we need to give you some basic rules, we think are key to a successful plant parenthood. 

Rule #1: Start with one or two plants

This is key to successfully getting to know your plant babies. The question you're thinking is "Why?! I need so many plants!" Yes, we know you do! But, in order to get to know your plants' caring needs, it's better to start of with just one or two. We believe you'll get the hang of it better, and will not give up so quickly, when it doesn't get overwhelming trying to make 20 plants survive at the same time without having any idea of each of their needs. Here's where Rule #2 comes in.

Rule #2: Accept that all plants are different

First thing you have to know and accept, is that no plant is the same. Each plant has it's own unique water and light requirements. They can have similar care needs, but each plant, as we people do, have their own personality, even within the same species! So, get to know your plants. Accept that they cannot just receive water the same day of the week, for ever and ever. Sometimes they'll dry faster, sometimes they'll stay humid longer. And that's ok. 

Rule #3: Know your limits

Sometimes the most beautiful plant is the least beginner friendly, so give it time. Start with easy to care, low maintenance plants, that will get your green thumb confidence to the next level. Once you have mastered these easy to care plants, then you're ready for the most challenging ones. Also, ask for help, don't hesitate to ask for help if you think something is wrong with your plants. We are here for you! 

 Stay tuned for our top three beginner friendly plants.

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