Pet friendly plants

Pet friendly plants

If you're a pet owner, and your cat or dog loves to nibble on your gorgeous plants, well you need to be careful, because some plants can be very toxic for your pet, if they are ingested. But, fear not! There are many plants that are pet safe, and not toxic for your pets. Here we list a few. (Stay tuned for Part 2 of this list!)

Chlorophytum comosum "Spider Plant"

 Spider Plant Picture

One of the most underrated indoor plants there is, the spider plant. This plant is not only pet safe, it is also one of the best air purifiers out there, and it is also very easy to care! Definitely a must have for all pet parents.

Pilea peperomioides "Chinese Money Plant"


This gorgeous, circle-leaf plant, is pet safe and very easy going. It doesn't need much attention, but it does need lots of indirect sunlight! Place near a window/door and it will thrive.

Calathea ornata "Pinstripe Calathea"

Calathea ornata "Pinstripe Calathea"

Looking for something more colorful? No problem at all! Calatheas are here for you, all Calatheas are actually not toxic for pets!

Macodes petola "Jewel Orchid"


Maybe you'd like something more electrifying? This lovely orchid is not only pet safe, it flowers! It only flowers once a year, but really, with those leaves, who needs flowers?

 Peperomia argyreia "Watermelon Peperomia"

Maybe something that looks like a fruit might not sound like a good idea, but in this case it is! All Peperomias are also pet safe, and are not toxic to pets.

These are just a few of the options we have available that are pet friendly, but stay tuned for more! (Or visit our Pet Friendly Collection) Which Pet Safe Plant is your favorite?


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