Top 3 Heat Tolerant Plants

Top 3 Heat Tolerant Plants

Summer is here, we can feel it. Temperatures will keep getting higher and higher these next few months. Here are some heat tolerant plants that will actually thrive with the proper care.


Golden Pothos

Water only when it dries out, she will handle the heat well. Just not direct sunlight and she'll be perfectly fine. It might dry out faster during these months, but she tolerates being dry for a few.

Peperomia obtusifolia

Any kind of peperomia is heat tolerant, they handle well periods of drought. Just don't overwater and they'll be fine.

Tradescantia zebrina

The wandering jew tolerates uneven watering, heat, and even some direct morning sun. So she's ready for summer. It is easy to care, and look at those leaves.


These are also great for beginners, but stayed tuned for our top 5 beginner plants!

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