Ficus elastica "Red Ruby"
Ficus elastica "Red Ruby"
Ficus elastica "Red Ruby"

Ficus elastica "Red Ruby"

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Ficus elastica "Red Rubby". Another gorgeous variation of the Ficus elastica. If you’re looking for a big, low maintenance floor plant, here’s your guy! This plant is an indoor tree which is able to grow inside up to 6-7’ tall. It likes bright indirect light, and water just when the top of the soil feels dry.

Care tips:

Water: Regular but moderate watering, ideally once a week, or whenever the top of the soil feels dry. 

Light: Indirect bright to medium sunlight, but it doesn’t tolerate low light.

Special Feature: Very easy to care and it is an air purifier.

Toxicity: It is toxic to cats, dogs and children if ingested.

 *Plants are unique in their nature, remember not a single plant is exactly like another. Pictures of the plant depict an approximate size.

*All plants come in propagation pots.

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