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Monstera siltepecana

Monstera siltepecana

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Native to Mexico, another Monstera variety everyone needs in their collection. As its sisters, the Monstera siltepecana plant adapts quickly to indoor conditions. Its almost silvery leaves give this plant all the statement it needs. Let is hang, or help it trail up, your choice, it will grow beautifully either way!

Plant care tips:

Water: Regular but moderate watering, ideally once a week, or whenever the top of the soil feels dry. It is better to let potting mix dry a just a bit between waterings.

Light: Bright indirect sunlight

Special Feature: Easy to care, silvery leaves.

Toxicity: It is toxic to cats, dogs and children if ingested.

 *Plants are unique in their nature, remember not a single plant is exactly like another. Pictures of the plant depict an approximate size. 

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