About Us

Clorofila is an interior plant boutique based in Puerto Rico, owned and run by two crazy plant people who are obsessed with indoor jungles and with the curation of spaces through the use of plants.

The way we see it, plants are a necessity indoors, as they help better the quality of life. They enhance productivity and reduce stress in workspaces, they purify the air we breathe, and they also provide us with a sense of achievement when we keep them happy and thriving.  

We want to grow plants with you. When we discovered our love for plants, we often found ourselves misinformed and confused as to what type of plant we were buying, the specific care it needed, its qualities and benefits. At Clorofila, we guide you through your plant selection and purchase process by assessing your needs and finding the one that better suits you, your environment and lastly, your plant care skills. While we provide our customers with a full set of plant care instructions, we love to be part of their growing adventure. We are here to help you become the best plant parent you can be, so feel free to contact us for any questions you may have regarding your plant.  


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