Epipremnum aureum "Golden Pothos"

Epipremnum aureum "Golden Pothos"

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Epiprenum Aureum ‘Golden Pothos’ can grow in low, medium and bright indirect sunlight. One of the easiest plants to care. Very low maintenance making it great as a first plant.

Care tips:

Water: Regular but moderate watering, ideally once a week, or whenever the top of the soil feels dry. Let dry a bit between waterings.

Light: It tolerates low light, but not enough light will make it lose its variegation.

Special Feature: Perfect houseplant for beginners. It’s an air purifier.

Toxicity: It is toxic to cats, dogs and children.

 *Plants are unique in their nature, remember not a single plant is exactly like another. Pictures of the plant depict an approximate size.

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