Dieffenbachia “Dumb Cane”
Dieffenbachia “Dumb Cane”

Dieffenbachia “Dumb Cane”

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Dieffenbachia, or Dumbcane, is an easy to care, perfect for beginner plant. It needs medium to bright indirect sunlight and water only when top 2-3 inches of the soil feel dry. 

Care tips:

Water: Regular, approximately once a week. Water only when top 2-3 inches of the soil feel dry.

Light: Medium to bright indirect sunlight.

Special Feature: Air purifier.

Toxicity: It is toxic to cats, dogs and children when ingested.  


*Plants are unique in their nature, remember not a single plant is exactly like another. Pictures of the plant depict an approximate size.

*All plants come in propagation pots.

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