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Master Planning Services

Master Planning Services

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Master Planning Services

This listing is for a non-refundable deposit for a site visit regarding master planning services. This listing includes site visit and preparation of a cost estimate of the complete project. If the project proceeds, this deposit will be discounted from the total design cost. If the project does not proceed, this deposit is non-refundable. 

Master planning services are focused on agrotourism, ecolodges, hotels, airbnbs, residential and commercial developments, parks, among other larger scale landscape architecture projects.

Once order for this listing is complete, you will receive an email or call regarding the visit. Once the visit is completed, and the scope of the project is discussed, you will receive the complete project cost estimate to continue.

This deposit fee is non-refundable. 

If you have any questions or doubts about this service, please contact us before buying.

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